This website is about weight loss and the methods that work.

Hello, my name is Bernard and I have been trying to lose weight all my life it seems. In the past 20 years my weight has always been in yoyo, going up and down in big swings. As I was either paying attention to it or not. But the trend was clear: up. I maybe have lost 10-15 lbs. one year, just to gain back 20 lbs. the next by overeating.

This is why I have always researched various weight loss programs and supplements over the years. Some had some good results, some were total crap. But the problem I had was consistency, how to keep the weight off for good. Not surprisingly this was a question of habits.

Most recently I came across The Fat Diminisher System, and its main focus is habits. Bingo! So I tried this program and it worked so well for me I decided to dedicate this website to it. Here I am sharing my unbiased opinion about this product so that everyone can get the information they need before deciding to purchase it.

It is a scam or does it work?